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Our story begins just before the Chaos War, the Knights of Krynnspace were continually building its forces mostly from Knights of Solamnia. Krynnspace was being threatened on two fronts, the Dragonfleet and the Imperial Minotaurs.

Our ship, Gunthar’s Blessing, was a fine spelljammer ship and often fought off advances of enemy forces until the Chaos War broke out on Krynn. It was just as fierce in Krynnspace. During the large battle of Knights and Dragonfleet, as Chaos was defeated, the planet of Krynn vanished. Many ships were destroyed and crews fallen. Our captain, a former Knight of the Rose but now a Knight of the Sun, was sure that Krynn still existed, it just needed to be found.

After years of travelling to many spheres and fighting off hostiles, our ship and crew depleted, the Captain finally made the choice to abandon ship. Reaching a strange new sphere the captain pointed the ship for the only planet in the system however the dust ring surrounding it made for a rough landing. The few surviving crew eventually were picked up by a passing airship. The locals had seen the ship go down but believed it to be a fancy airship and not knowing anything of this foreign world let them believe it as so. The Captain and many of the crew were lost in the crash but those who survived were dropped off on the nearby beach of an island called Korthos.

Eventually, as they recovered and regained strength the crew gathered and decided that since they were all mostly former Knights of Solamnia and there appeared to be no way to continue their search for Krynn, the Knights of Solamnia on Eberron would be formed.

We are a DDO Guild on the Cannith Server. We are a group based on the legendary order of knights from the Dragonlance campaign setting.
gunthar / Sep 05, 2013
When I first decided on a guild site for the KoS a couple years ago I did some looking around and tried a few out. Back then I had done a fair bit of work to the Guildportal site by the time I heard about this Shivtr site so I kept going.

The Guildportal site I find it congested and I liked the cleaner look of the Shivtr sites so finally decided to move. Also, guildportal doesn't seem to listen to its other users and didn't update the widgets that aren't WoW related.
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